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Balance Breakdown 

Once you navigate to “My Account” then “Account Details” menu on the left side of the screen, you will then see the below screen. Once you click on “Balance Breakdown” this screen shows a break down of your current account financials. It shows a running balance breakdown as shown below.  

In addition, there is an unconfirmed amount breakdown showing further details such as allocated back orders.

Confirmation of Order Screen

Once you’ve finished adding your products to your cart and ready to order, you will see the below order confirmation screen.  

A reminder that authority to leave is to give the courier authority to leave your order at your chosen delivery address without you having to sign for it. ‘Send packing slip’ is if you want to send to your end customer and you don’t want them to see your prices and our company.  

Also note there is a new option to only send the order when it is completely filled 

Once you confirm your order a pop up arises asking if you would like to email a copy of this order document to someone as shown below.  

Also for credit card customers only – you can now apply an existing credit on an order as shown below. 

Customer Previous Orders

Once you navigate to “My Account” then “Previous Orders” menu on the left side of the screen, you will then see the below screen. In the Previous Orders screen you can now email your order document. Simply click on a previous order and the below screen will appear.  

Also available for previous orders and/or at the time of order, the option to add comments (that are seen by yourself only) or attachments (again that are seen by yourself only). This is particularly good for your own internal references of orders. 

Comment on items in your cart and invoice lines

This is a great feature to add comments per line item ordered. For example, you could add a note for your internal staff such as your admin or accounts, or even a note to advise that a line item applies to a job number.

Fully compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Safari browser

Good news – we have fixed the interface to allow you to place orders and browse the catalogue using Apple devices. See below example from an iPhone. 

Stock Availability Shown in Your Local Warehouse & Syd Warehouse 

In the Cart screen, stock is shown in your local warehouse and in Main (Sydney) warehouse. If there is no stock available in those two locations, there is a prompt to “Call customer service for availability elsewhere”.  

Also clicking on the Daveweb logo takes you back to the product catalogue page.  
Orders Displayed Available on Catalogue Screen with Link

As soon as you place an order in Daveweb, it will show above the catalogue screen. It will take a minute for the link to your order to show. See example below.

Davcor Reference Numbers Per Order

Newly placed orders have a success message with our (Davcor) reference number.

Product Search in Cart Shows Product Description

Entering an exact product code, catalogue code or related number will now return the product’s code and details.

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